Find Your Style!

In a world full of copy dogs er, cats – you need to stand out from the crowd! Furtography Academy is here to help you develop and refine your own pet photography style that is as unique as you are.

About the Academy

Nurturing Your Personal Growth

We help you nurture your inner glitter (that's the sparkle only you possess) and harness it to develop your own personal style. Taking your pet photography to the next level.

Helping You Create Meaningful Work

Start producing meaningful, personalised work that is uniquely you. Work that is filled with personality and has impact. Stand out from the crowd and sets your own trends rather than follow them.

Learn From The Best In The Biz

Award Winning photographer 
Craig Turner-Bullock will share his proven methodology for taking creative potential and turning it into genuine, high-end work that your clients will adore.

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The Furtography Academy has been created to help pet photographers develop their own unique personal style. Filled with interactive multimedia and real-life resources designed to move beyond the rules of traditional photographic techniques and principles to find your true sparkle and glitter.

Meet Craig Turner-Bullock;

Crazy cat daddy, puppy parent, chocolate connoisseur, purveyor of pop music, and in case you missed it, lover of glitter and sparkle! Craig began photographing pets professionally in 2001 and has never looked back – winning dozens of awards along the way.

He began teaching his passion in 2015 as a Fujifilm Ambassador; travelling around NZ running "beginners guide to Photographing Dogs" workshops. Now, he wants to pass on his skills, experience, and glitter to people in the far reaches of the globe with Furtography Academy.

Enrollment for 'Find Your Style' is currently closed

Enter your details below to be notified when the Academy opens again.

Furtography Academy's Complete Online Course:


This is an extensive and in depth glitterific style-finding course of creative challenges, editing tutorials, finding your 'glitter,' working on creative development, teaching you how not be afraid of being yourself and injecting your personality into your work, the importance of being original and not copying trends but setting them!

Hosted by Craig himself, Find Your Style comprises of six course modules with multiple lessons, designed to cover everything you need to know about animal photography so you can go out in to the world confident of your unique style and free to truly sparkle!

5 Mistakes Pet Photographers Are Making & How Not To Make Them

In this FREE 25 minute "on demand" webinar, you'll learn 5 things you can do immediately to dramatically improve your pet photography skills.

Learn from Craig in the flesh!

Workshops & Events

Craig is also involved in all-inclusive pet photography retreats and conferences. Surround yourself with likeminded photographers, stay in luxury accommodation, and travel the world learning from Craig and other professional photographers! Or see him speak at photography conferences.


Find your Glitter - In Person

Some people prefer to learn with a hands-on approach. In-person pet photography mentoring adds priceless value to your professional development! As an experienced teacher, Craig can help you with your craft in real-time with any questions you have down to helping you perfect your techniques.


Find Your Glitter - Online

Want to work one-on-one with Craig but can’t get to New Zealand?  Then let's connect with the magic of the internet! Craig offers mentoring tailored to your specific needs; from portfolio critiques to editing, to give you personalised tutoring and assistance with your animal photography work.


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